Moscow Funeral League in association with Solitude Productions presents «Heart With Bread» — a new full-length album by funeral doom Avant-gardists QUERCUS!

Cat. number: MFL 015 / SP.115-16
Release date: 25.04.2016.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8-pages booklet.
Total time: 61 min.

quercus _promo1
QUERCUS: «We are looking up to the nature and life, we are looking up to the pipe organ, to the instrument of thousand voices. Symbols of passing time and eternity. Touches of aeons. We feel the need to celebrate both of these elaborated mechanism, nature and organ. In the temple we find nature, in the nature we find the temple. Both are transcended by great symphonic harmony. There is also melancholy in our praise, pain and sadness of non-return are parts of our admiration. How helter-skelter and endless the being can be».

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MFL -RECORDS proudly presents a new album of Death Doom band PSICORRAGIA (Peru)!

After 14 years, PSICORRAGIA has released its second full-length album called “Madremuerte” leading to Death and Doom metal extremes.
Some BM elements, dark choirs and gloomy sounds complete this homage to death…

Cat. №: MFL 014.
Release date: 29.02.2016.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8 tracks,
12-pages booklet,
+ additional insert: 4 pages with lyrics translations,
Total time: 57 min.

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Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light presents «The Efflorescence» — the first full-length album of EPHEMERAL OCEAN!

Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light presents joint release «The Efflorescence» — the first full-length album of Russian Progressive Death Doom band EPHEMERAL OCEAN.

Cat. number: MFL 013 / FZL 031.
Release date: 30.11.2015.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8-pages booklet.
Total time: 39 min.

New band’s release is a musical and lyrical continuation of the first EPHEMERAL OCEAN’s EP — «Honour in the Mask». The songs are about man’s feelings after drama that happened with him. «Emptiness, weakness, anxiety, despair, diffidence and uncertainty over everything. Anyway, through the sounds and letters you see that something new is in bloom, something is showing through worn paint. And you don’t know what’s next, but it’s the only way to go» — that’s what musicians and band’s lyricist said.

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The first full-length album by EPHEMERAL OCEAN coming at November, 30!

EPHEMERAL OCEAN, Moscow Progressive Death Doom Metal band, will release its first full-length album «The Efflorescence» on November 30, 2015 via Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light.


The album was mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler (Priory Recording Studios). «The Efflorescence» is a 39-minutes-long album which consists of 7 songs. It will be available as a limited-edition CD (jewel-box) with 8-page booklet.

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MOSCOW FUNERAL LEAGUE presents the second full-length album by Russian death doom band HALTER!

Cat. №: MFL 012.
Release date: 30.09.2015.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8-pages booklet.
Total time: 48 min.

Halter - For The Abandoned-2015

MOSCOW FUNERAL LEAGUE presents the second full-length album of a talented Yaroslavl band HALTER, «For The Abandoned». This is a slow but unstoppable flow of death doom, obstinately obliterating the facets of consciousness, ruthlessly thrusting the cold steel of a trap into the brain… The album is dedicated to castaways abandoned to solitude, feeling like a foreign body in the faceless human mass…

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MFL- RECORDS in association with FROZEN LIGHT proudly presents a debut album by international band UNMERCENARIES!

Cat. №: MFL 010 / FZL 018.
Release date: 25.12.2014.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8-pages booklet, 500 stamp-numbered copies!
Total time: 44 min.

Gorgeous, stunningly atmospheric and incredibly heavy stuff created by international band UNMERCENARIES, which consists of collaborators from Who Dies In Siberian Slush (Rus), Decay Of Reality (Rus), Forbidden Shape (Rus), My Shameful (Fin / Ger), Absent / Minded (Ger). One of the tracks is perfectly complemented with vocals by Daniel Neagoe of London band Eye Of Solitude.


Four songs, lasting almost three quarters of an hour, where each minute is soaked in dark hopelessness and inexorability of time; whose millstone shall eventually grind everything away.

MFL -RECORDS proudly presents the six full-length album of Funeral/Death Doom band My Shameful (Finland/Germany)!

Cat. №: MFL-009.
Release date: 30.11.2014.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8-pages booklet,
Limited edition Digi CD, 8-pages booklet, + patch with band’s logo
Total time: 61 min.

MS promo3

My Shameful has only got better with each one, its doom metal bearing death metal heaviness with a funeral doom longing. It’s tearing in a sense, the doleful music stabbing your heart ever so slowly, artfully, in a manner that wouldn’t hurt you as much perhaps. This is atmospheric in a way too, playing with your mind, reminiscent of the plodding music of other bands from Finland. This is top notch doom metal that grows on you, creeps over you while you remain transfixed by the gently throbbing, sinking music.

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