The legend comes back! COMATOSE VIGIL announced their reunion supported by MOSCOW FUNERAL LEAGUE!

«Dear Friends! Two and half years ago we told about our break-up and impossibility of reunion in the future. There were a lot reasons which we’re not going to refresh up our memory about. To tell the truth it was the only way to get rid of our creative deadlock at that moment. At least, we truly believed we took good steps and were sure – we wouldn’t play together anymore. It took us some time to think over and draw conclusions. Finally we are glad to say officially about our reunion.

Comatose Vigil

We came back, full of power and plans for the future, which Moscow Funeral League as our new label will help us to realise. MFL is a non-profit organisation established by Moscow musicians. Its main aim is to develop, support and promote such kinds of music as funeral doom and funeral doom-death. Also it includes a growing indie-label MFL records where we’re planning to release the nearest CD.»

Look for details on CV official band page

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