“Omnipresence Of Rat Race” — debut album of Doom/Death Band HALTER

Cat. №: MFL-004.
Release date: 30.03.2013.
Format: CDR-pro, contains 8-pages booklet.
Total time: 42 min.

HALTER — Band from Yaroslavl, Russia reviving the spirit of an old school Doom/Death Metal; band’s debut album “Omnipresence Of Rat Race” is an attempt to embody to music feeling of human revery in modern society, in faceless and ill-disposed crowd; yoke turned into a halter squeezed into laughing master’s fist.

Contemplation of the scenes of cruelty of the world around stuck into age-old endless war, terrorism, total corruption and retrogression that leads to epicene stifling fury gradually transforming into a permanent extramental crack-up consequently causing more and more inwardness, vision tunneling, life interest loss, alcohol abuse and mental disorder… Slow perception meaninglessness of own mad somersault in a Rat Race launched by someone malevolent…

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