The first album of Georgian funeral doom band ENNUI is out now!

Cat. №: MFL-002.
Release date: 30.10.2012.
Format: CDR-pro, contains 8-pages booklet.
Total time: 76 min.

Omnia morte cadunt mors ultima linia rerum.. «Everything ends with death, death — the ultimate limit of everything…» — this is the main idea of debut album of Georgian funeral doom band Ennui filled sorrow and solitude. Ennui — is an internal emptiness, apathy. In band’s songs it is a feeling of utter indifference to life which makes one spread arms to greet long-awaited death.

Album’s title «Mze Ukunisa» (მზე უკუნისა) meaning «Sun of the darkness» (mythological «dead sun») falling behind the horizon, light of the afterworld. This image is taken from national mythology where it represented the sad ending of life for ancient Georgians. In Ennui variant «Mze ukunisa» is the Black Sun, the darkness of the life which shines for souls entrapped in sorrow, long dead inside. Every one of six monolithic tracks is splendid combination of monumental riffs, epic keyboards, ethereal guitar solos and saturated guttural growling. All lyrics are in Georgian language based on poems of Georgian XX century classic — Terenti Graneli. Lyrical themes are: funeral ritual, getting rid off every feeling, departure to empty eternity, feeling of dying agony, pain, fear, insanity, despair, solitude, vicious circle…

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