MFL RECORDS proudly presents the second LP of Georgian funeral doom band ENNUI!

Cat. №: MFL-005.
Release Date: 30/11/2013.
Format: CD, contains 8-pages booklet.
Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Death is unavoidable, it just hides under the burden of time…

MFL -RECORDS proudly presents the second full-length album of funeral doom band ENNUI (Tbilisi, Georgia)!

This album is a farewell to the last way, epitaph on a cold gravestone, carved in a form of music. Heavy aggressive riffs, beautiful guitar solos, new dark and monumental sound with complete absence of keyboards! New LP from ENNUI is better than the predecessor LP in terms of both compositional aspect and tragic atmosphere. Lyrics of each track – they are short stories of unhappiness and misery, of the most unpleasant events of a human life. In everyday life many of us forget about the unavoidable… To stop and think, understand, how fragile is a life and how unavoidable is a death, how horrifying is a loss – it is not a necessary to experience a tragedy… It’s enough to listen to the new album from ENNUI: «THE LAST WAY»…

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