MFL -RECORDS proudly presents the six full-length album of Funeral/Death Doom band My Shameful (Finland/Germany)!

Cat. №: MFL-009.
Release date: 30.11.2014.
Format: CD (jewel box), 8-pages booklet,
Limited edition Digi CD, 8-pages booklet, + patch with band’s logo
Total time: 61 min.

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My Shameful has only got better with each one, its doom metal bearing death metal heaviness with a funeral doom longing. It’s tearing in a sense, the doleful music stabbing your heart ever so slowly, artfully, in a manner that wouldn’t hurt you as much perhaps. This is atmospheric in a way too, playing with your mind, reminiscent of the plodding music of other bands from Finland. This is top notch doom metal that grows on you, creeps over you while you remain transfixed by the gently throbbing, sinking music.

MFL -RECORDS proudly presents the six full-length album of Funeral/Death Doom band My Shameful (Finland/Germany)!: 10 комментариев

  1. Review
    InYourEyes ezine

    My Shameful – Hollow
    I My Shameful sciorinano oltre un’ora di dolorose litanie prive di sbocchi atmosferici ma intrise di un mood opprimente.

    Per essere una band dedita al funeral-death doom, i finlandesi My Shameful sono senz’altro piuttosto prolifici, visto che Hollow è il loro sesto album in poco più di un decennio (dal 2003, anno della pubblicazione di “Of All the Wrong Things”), alla luce anche della pausa di 5 anni intercorsa tra il quarto ed il quinto full-length.

    Il ritorno con “Penance”, avvenuto lo scorso anno, era stato buono ma non eccezionale, anche se nel sound della creatura di Sami Rautio emergeva quale tratto distintivo un umore molto più cupo che non malinconico, finendo per rendere decisamente più impegnativo l’ascolto.
    Tratti distintivi, questi, che non subiscono mutamenti particolari in Hollow, dove vengono semmai accentuati e focalizzati tali aspetti, sciorinando oltre un’ora di dolorose litanie prive di sbocchi atmosferici ma intrise di un mood opprimente ai limiti dell’asfissia.
    Pregio e limite, questo, per un disco la cui lunghezza certo costituisce un parziale ostacolo ad una fruizione agevole e, del resto, il genere non è fatto per essere cantato sotto la doccia ma, semmai, per essere assimilato con calma e pazienza pari alla lentezza dei tempi dilatati lungo i quali i musicisti che vi si dedicano srotolano le loro lunghe composizioni.
    Il lavoro pare comunque vivere di due fasi piuttosto distinte: infatti, se i primi quattro brani mostrano un passo decisamente più lento, salvo le accelerazioni presenti nell’opener Nothing Left At All, culminante nel soffocante funeral di Hour Of Atonement, da The Six in poi il sound prende a lambire sonorità dai tratti meno claustrofobici; in questa traccia, in particolare, la migliore del disco a mio avviso, i My Shameful si muovono come se fossero una versione più dinamica degli Worship, anche se, nel complesso, la scuola funeral finlandese è quella che imprime il proprio marchio indelebile nel sound di Sami, partendo dagli imprescindibili Thergothon, passando per i Colosseum senza dimenticare Shape Of Despair e Skepticism, pur se depurati dall’uso delle tatsiere.
    Sprazzi chitarristici di matrice gothic si affacciano nella successiva Murdered Them All ma è un apparizione fugace, visto che No Greater Purpose ci fa ripiombare una disperazione composta ma terribilmente plumbea, per un altro degli episodi chiave dell’album.
    Now And Forever, titolo che non fa presagire certo una chiusura rivolta ad un futuro roseo, con il suo finale magnifico e leggermente più ritmato mette la pietra tombale sul quello che è il miglior album che potessero pubblicare oggi i My Shameful, con suoni essenziali ma sorretti da una buona produzione, e una prestazione vocale davvero efficace per la cruda negatività che Sami Rautio riesce ad evocare.
    Con la dipartita, ahimè forzata, dei Colosseum e l’ormai (troppo) lungo silenzio di Skepticism e Shape Of Despair, i My Shameful, meritatamente, si dividono oggi con i Profetus lo scettro del funeral doom nordeuropeo.

    1. Nothing left at all
    2. Hollow
    3. And I will be worse
    4. Hour of atonement
    5. The Six
    6. Murdered them all
    7. No greater purpose
    8. Now and forever

    Sami Rautio – vocals, guitars
    Twist – bass
    Jürgen Fröhling – drums

    Author: Stefano Cavanna

  2. Review
    Sunday, February 8, 2015

    My Shameful is a three piece death/funeral doom metal band from Europe. Members include Sami Rautio: vocals, guitars, Twist: bass, Jürgen Fröhling: drums.

    Hollow album released on MFL Records on November 30th 2014. Eight tracks totaling a full hour worth of depressive and tortured hymns. Reaching the dark parts of the mind with tormented screams. Slow and methodical in their inception. The tracks build a suspenseful and dramatic path before smashing your senses. Doom are the main roots of the compositions. Bands like Neurosis and Paradise lost come to my mind as I listen. I enjoyed the majority of the songs but some of the more stand out performances would have to be Hour Of Atonement, it has a catchy and memorable start, feels like the melody will carry me into a rotting casket to lay in. No Greater Purpose, it is a menacing and tremendous track, powerful delivery and the vocals are completely devastating.

    In terms of production, guitars have a good amount of distortion and drums build a good solid foundation for all the long horror filled journeys. Overall a good release that will resonate with the majority of doom metal fans. ~Artemortifica

    Posted by Frank G

  3. Review
    January 17, 2015

    This is the sixth album from Finnish Funeral Doom/Death Metallers My Shameful.

    My Shameful craft dark and atmospheric Funeral Doom containing elements of Death Metal that are completely bent and broken to Doom’s single-minded will. Even the faster sections carry an aura of depressive longing and tragic woe that no amount of blast beats can erase.

    The songs slowly build in intensity and atmosphere using textured guitars and eerie melodies. The band do a great job of stamping their own identity on the Doom/Death template and although it’s obviously recognisable as the genre it is, My Shameful don’t sound generic or stale at all. Kudos to them.

    One of the key things about this band which sets them apart from others in the genre is the guitars; Rather than settle for the ever-familiar heavy rhythms with winding leads approach that so many go for, My Shameful have rhythms and riffs that are more nuanced and subtle than the norm for this style. Add some spectral effects and otherworldly sounds, mix in the expressive vocals and wrap it all up in some quality songwriting and Hollow is an album to savour.

    This is haunting, strangely beautiful music that fosters a morbidly oppressive mood. Even the vocals, which are brutally evil growls, add to this feeling of ethereal heaviosity where the band seem to strike the right balance between darkness and light. It’s certainly not an equal balance, probably 85/15, but it’s one that allows them to work their Doom Metal magic.

    As far as Doom/Death goes it doesn’t get much better than this.

    by wonderboxmetal

  4. Review

    It’s no secret. Everybody knows that Finland houses an impressive list of great Doom-acts, whether it be within the Traditional / Classic Doom current, the Epic Doom, Doom-Death, Funeral Doom, or the Doom-Doomer-Doomiest Doom one. And one of the best known and, to some, most impressive projects out there is this one, My Shameful. Once again helped out by bass player Twist and German drummer Jürgen Fröhling, Sami (guitars and vocals) wrote and recorded this sixth full length, called Hollow, to prove the strength of the scene from the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

    Hollow consists of eight tracks and it goes on in the vein of the past, yet with one important difference: this material sounds even stronger than ever before! These guys’ pounding and heavy mixture of obscure and blackened Doom-Death and grim Funeral Doom convinces whole the time. The dense, perfectly-produced sound strengthens the massiveness of the compositions, and besides, there is quite some variation, fabulous melodies, grandiose grunts, and a nice balance for all instruments. You will find the ‘usual’ tempo-changes and breaks, and the intermezzos, but compared to ‘the grey masses’, this band does not lose itself in catchy or fake-emotional would-be nonsense. No, throughout the whole album, My Shameful make sure that the listener does not lose its interest or attention. Within this genre, one does not need to renew, to be original. What is of importance, is creating memorable tracks, avoiding boredom, and ignoring modern trends. Evoken, Abstract Spirit, Shape Of Despair, Arcana Coelestia, Mournful Congregation, Ahab or Monolithe are some of the best bands within this happily sad genre, and My Shameful shamelessly equals (or even overpowers?) all of them.

    No further comment needed – let the Music speak for itself! Bleak, grim, obscure, but also colossal, hammering, powerful; it’s just a small selection of impressions…

    Author: Ivan Tibos.

  5. Review
    07 December 2014

    Normally I consider Metal to be a genre that is full of energy and power; I listen to it and I wake up, I feel alive. In the genre of Doom Metal, things are a bit hazier as despite the death vocals and occasionally fast guitars, it can often be so slow and heavy that it makes my eyelids feel heavy. This is also the case with “Hollow”, the newest album from MY SHAMEFUL, however, that is not to say it’s bad, on the contrary: it scratches an itch I didn’t know I had.

    The vast majority of the songs begin in a very slow tempo, before speeding up considerably right before the end for the outro. One thing that surprised me about this particular band is that their vocals are often actually intelligible, the first instance of which is in the very first song “Nothing Left At All” when the title can be heard clearly. The next track titular track “Hollow” follows a similar structure to its predecessor with a very slow intro, before eventually breaking down with much faster guitars and drumming. The vocals are a lot scarcer, though, which allows the music room to breathe.

    The album as a whole is very tightly mixed, so that the sound seems to be compressed. This is actually not a bad thing, as the guitars and drums become more symbiotic as a result and the bass is nicely tucked underneath both without disappearing altogether. This is especially apparent as the songs are very long as a general rule; the shortest song is over 6 minutes with the majority clocking in at around 8-9 on average. The length means that the band should have more to say, and while that is sometimes true, there are a couple of songs which seem to have no particular purpose: the aforementioned titular track for one, along with “Hour Of Atonement” which doesn’t offer much in the way of variety from the rest of the album.

    One thing I did enjoy from a few of the tracks is the throwbacks to BLACK SABBATH songs such as “Iron Man” and “Black Sabbath”, with a lot of dissonance between notes of the guitar in “And I Will Be Worse” and “The Six”. It creates a tension that is instantly released, and just sounds pretty damn Metal overall. The standout track is probably “Murdered Them All” since it is also the most imaginative: the sound of rainfall is played throughout and becomes very relaxing, especially in the 2 minute intro when some very slow picking on the guitar makes me want to curl up in a ball and sleep. However it then breaks down in a big way, with some brutal vocals and drums jerking everyone awake and shaking them for the next couple of minutes before eventually setting them back down again for the outro, which reintroduces the rain track. I’m not usually a fan of ambient noise on albums, but something about rain in particular I found worked quite well.

    For someone who’s not generally a keen listener of Doom Metal, I was pleasantly surprised by this album which made me remember that music with death vocals doesn’t have to make me want to break things to be decent. For people who are already fans of Doom Metal, this could be a real gem, despite its occasional moments of repetition.

    by Jacob Dawson

  6. Review
    Explicitly Intense
    21.11. 2014

    The extreme funeral doom metal purveyors, which make up My Shameful, is a band hell bent on writing and playing some of the most intense forms of doom created for the human ear. “Hollow” is sure to be one of the best new metal albums of 2014. This Finnish trio has written a total of eight songs for this album, with the average song clocking in at a mere six minutes, so you’re made to suffer for almost an hour to their down tuned guitars and depressive grunts. The drums sound like a funeral bell, which rings out at 12-midnight. People, My Shameful is not for the weak minded listener, as it conjures up images of your own miserable funeral, with no one in attendance at your final resting place but yourself and the undertaker.

    What makes this trio so darn brutally darkened and heavy is their ability to create such haunting emotions with their funeral inspired, dirge-forced rhythms, riffs, slow to mid to mid-paced drum patterns, and vocals creepy enough to make the toughest soul crumble at will. Songs like “And I Will Be Worse”, “Murdered Them All” and “Nothing Left At All” are just three of the tracks that are fitting to be played during your last hours of life. These songs in particular have the power to suck your soul out of your shell, leave the body to wilt, and fill your spirit with the utmost suffering ever experienced by the human mind. Mentally, you’ll die an infinite of deaths, with no end sight to the darkness and your demise at hand.

    The clean and tight production makes for an even unforgettable emotional trauma while the depressive guitars and misery-laden vocals push you deeper and deeper into a depression you’ll never come out of. Listen to My Shameful and feel the Hollow funeral hymns ring in your ears. This album by My Shameful is highly recommended for fans of Swallow The Sun, Unholy and Winter. [Moscow Funeral League]

    Author: Sarjoo Devan

  7. Review
    Tuesday, 11 November 2014

    Begun in 1999 as a two-man studio project, evolved into a multinational machine of hate and doom based in Finland.

    Eight huge slabs of funeral doom, does exactly what you want from this style of music, presenting gutteral vocals, slow pounding drums and solid chord structures.
    What i also like about this is the tone of the lead guitar, it reminds me of early goth bands like Bauhaus.
    This all helps to create the perfect mood, hard to pick any one track as such but ‘Hour Of Atonement’ and ‘Murdered Them All’ do leap out the speakers due to the overwhelming ambience of gloom yet tinged with great melody.

    Rating 9/10
    For Fans Of: Triptykon, Wolveserpent, Necropoli, Witchsorrow

    Posted by Stu Tovell at 14:37

  8. Review
    Glacially Musical
    Wednesday, December 3, 2014

    One of my favorite things about metal is the ridiculous amount of sub-genres of metal that there are.
    I am well on the record for having poked at the sheer amount and prideful tendencies that go with them. A friend of mine is very much about these sub-genres and how much they mean….
    I get a giggle out of them really. I do. It’s very funny to me. If you ask this old guy, metal really only comes in about three varieties, heavy, speed, and extreme.
    Now I’ve rambled, but here’s the point…in the presser I received about today’s review, My Shameful, they were referred to as doom metal with death metal tendencies.
    So, I’m picturing this as cyborg metal. Robots rising up to play metal and mating with humanity in order to achieve a more perfect version of metal that’s played by musicians partially made of metal.
    Ok, I have really gone off of the deep end here, so let’s continue….
    Formed in 2000 and releasing albums since 2003, Hollow is My Shameful’s sixth LP.
    Unlike many bands I run across in my writing, they did not release a mixture of EPs, Splits, etc, just the albums.
    The album is very doomy and a bit deathy.
    So I suppose there is something to be said for the description I received about them.
    For My Shameful, it’s not about t he riff, the vocal, the drumbeat, or the bassline, but the song.
    None of the parts are performed with fluid virtuosity or staggering speed.
    In fact, nothing is really played with speed on the eight tracks. The songs are slow, deliberate, and heavy as hell.
    The closest band I can relate them to stylistically is the brilliant Eye of Solitude. However, that’s just a superficial comparison. Their personal styles are very different.

    During the melodic interludes and in many of the intros, arpeggiated chords are played with a strange effect giving them a watery timbre that makes them sound uncomfortable. The feeling is unmistakable.
    This album features eight miniature albums. It’s improper to call each track a song. There’s far too much ground covered in each one to call them something so pedestrian.

    Posted by Nik Cameron at 7:30 AM

  9. Review
    Published: 20 November 2014

    My Shameful was one of the first bands that rode the second wave of Finnish funeral doom acts, spearheaded by the now defunct Firefox label.

    Under that banner they released a couple of excellent records like ‘…Of Dust’ and ‘Return to Nothing’. I was quite disappointed by their last album for Firefox in 2008: “Descend”, which I found rather uninspired. I lost track of them afterwards, but apparently they self-released a new record called “Penance” in 2013, followed up with now with “Hollow”. Reacquainting myself with the band after a couple of years, “Hollow” reminds me again why I took to them in the first place. Not that they just pick up where they left of 6 years ago. The painted cover has a sort of early, Lovecraftian death metal vibe and this translates itself also to the music which, not unlike Evoken, Disembowelment or more recently Fuoco Fatuo does not shy away from the odd blast beat for contrast against the bleak hopelessness. Welcome back.

    Written by Samoht

  10. Review
    Sunday, November 16, 2014

    My Shameful are a band from Finland that plays a very heavy mixture of funeral doom and death metal and this is a review of their 2014 album «Hollow» which will released by Moscow Funeral League Records on November 30th.

    A very dark, slow, heavy and atmospheric sound starts off the album and a few seconds later melodies and death metal growls are added into the music and all of the tracks are very long and epic in length and they also bring in a good amount of depressive sounding guitar leads and at times you can hear some clean playing being added into certain sections of the recording.

    On a couple of the tracks the music does speed up and brings in traces of black metal along with some blast beats as well as adding a bit of that vocal style in with the growls while the main focus remains more on a slower doom metal sound which also at time s adds in a bit of the early 90’s doom/death metal sound and they also have a good balance, between heaviness, melody and atmosphere as well as sticking mostly to a slower musical style.

    My Shameful plays a very dark form of funeral doom metal that also has a huge death metla influence and they also bring in a dose of black metal at times to create an album that stands out on its own in this genre, the production sounds very dark and heavy while the lyrics cover dark and depressive themes.

    In my opinion My Shameful are a very great sounding mixture of funeral doom and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE «Hollow» «»The Six» and «Now And Forever». 8 out of 10.

    Posted by OccultBlackMetal at 11:58 PM

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