Krief de Soli “REQUIEM: Missa pro defunctis in F​-​moll” 2020. A mournful oratorium to commemorate the dead.

Cat. number: MFL 023
Release date: 25.12.2020.
Format: Limited edition 3 panel Digi CD.
Total time: 78:22.
200 copies only.


Moscow Funeral League is thrilled to present a third full-length album of the Quebécois messenger of the apocalypse, Egregoir de Sang, and his mysterious musical incarnation – Krief de Soli. Since its beginning in 2010, with the first work “Procul este, profani…” Krief de Soli has demonstrated a monstrous potential to become “a grandiose funeral orchestra” and to surprise the most sophisticated admirer of mournful, epic, and slow doom metal. Chapter number three in his discography has been a long 8 years in the making. Every detail, from composition to the final sound revealing us a final result of the highest rank and quality. Also known as “the mass for the dead” (“Missa pro defunctis”, lat.), the composition of the album is structurally identical to a canonical “Requiem mass” in the Catholic Church, which is normally offered for the rest of the soul of the deceased. Since Barocco times, a Requiem became a compositional genre of symphonic religious music, a mournful oratorium to commemorate the dead and pray for their Soul’s eternal life in the afterworld. With this album, Egregoir de Sang is trying and succeeding in its adaptation for the funeral doom metal niché. Without compromising the compositional deepness and neither the faithfulness to the genre, the maestro has created an epic orchestral adventure into the sacred funeral ritual, ready to shatter the souls and plunge the listener into the eternal kingdom of grief. Composed exclusively in the musical key of F-minor (F-moll), the album takes a sorrowful mood. Introducing a new instrument to the genre by the means of a traditional lute, the maestro adds a subtle medieval tone, creating a special atmosphere of everlasting grief, supported by the aggressive blasts of black profanity, orchestral tutti, grief-stricken chords, and horrifying vocals.