MFL 023 | Krief de Soli |  “REQUIEM: Missa pro defunctis in F-moll” 2020 | Limited edition 3 panel Digi CD|


Chapter III in the discography of the mysterious Canadian funeral doom act «Krief de Soli» has been a long 8 years in its making. Every detail, from composition to the final sound revealing us a final result of the highest rank. The album is structurally identical to a canonical “Requiem mass” in the Catholic Church, which is normally offered for the rest of the soul of the deceased.



MFL 022 / FZL 077| Halter | “The Principles Of Human Being” 2020 |CD|

01. Sisyphean Toil
02. Seasons
03. Cobweb Of Troubles
04. Hiroshima’s Scapegoats
05. Spring Morning
06. Human Path
07. As Nobody Returns

The third full-length release by a Russian band Halter that remains faithful to traditions and spirit of death-doom of the mid-90s.



MFL 021| Blues For The Redsun | “Deadspace/Desomorphine trance” 2019 |CD|



01. Deadspace/Desomorphine trance

A new release of the Czech sludge/drone band «Blues For The Redsun» is a conceptual sound illustration of the destructive madness which do not take any chance for the way back…



MFL 021S| The Contagion | “Vae Victis” 2019 | INTERNET SINGLE |



01. Vae Victis

A debut single of the Finnish death metal band The Contagion is published as a calling card of the upcoming full-length album.



MFL 020| QUERCUS | “Verferum” 2019 | CD | Order: [email protected]

Quercus-Verferum cover 600


01. Ceremony of the Night

02. Journey of the Eyes

03. The Pu-erh Exhumed

04. Passacaglia D minor, White and Black Darkness

From Pilsen, Czech Republic, here you are astonishing pipe organ infused atmospheric avant-garde funeral doom band Quercus with a Masterpiece song off their full-length “Verferum”!



MFL 019MC | Eye of Solitude / Marche Funèbre | “Collapse / Darkness” 2018 | MC, Ltd | Order: [email protected]


01. Collapse

02. Darkness

This split album features one song from each band, for a total of over 30 minutes of bleak funeral and doom-death metal. The album is available in audio cassettes limited edition of 100 copies!

MFL 018MC | FUNERALIA | “Where Death Is My Hope” 2017 | MC, Ltd | Order: [email protected]



01. Intro

02. The Short Eternity

03. Where Death Is My Hope

We recommend this work to connoisseurs of such groups as Visceral Evisceration and early Celestial Season.
It is a baroque and atmospheric death doom, with beautiful soprano and carnivorous growls.



MFL 001LP / FZL 060 / SP. 003LP | Who Dies in Siberian Slush | “Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost” 2017 | LP, Ltd, Num | Order: [email protected]

THE FIRST EVER RUSSIAN funeral death doom release ON VINYLTracklist:

01. Leave Me

02. The Woman We Are Looking For…

03. Mobius Ring

04. Through The Snow (Instrumental)

05. Вitterness Of The Years That Are Lost

06. The Testament Of Goumilev

Moscow Funeral League in association with Solitude Productions and Frozen Light are proud to present THE FIRST EVER RUSSIAN funeral death doom album, released ON VINYL!


MFL 017 / BMM. 079-17 / FZL 055. | Marche Funèbre | “Into the Arms of Darkness” 2017 | CD | Order: [email protected]

Marche Funèbre 2017 cover art_sm2


01. Deprived (into Darkness)

02. Capital of Rain

03. Uneven

04. Lullaby of Insanity

05. The Garden of All Things Wild

The third band’s album, it combines a massive production with matured song writing, polished through the years while preserving the same passion and energy as ever.



MFL 016 / SP. 120-16 / FZL 049 | ORDOG | “The Grand Wall” 2016 | CD | Order: [email protected]



01. Open The Doors To Red

02. Sundered

03. In The Looming Bitterness

04. The Perfect Cut

05. Wings In Water

06. The Grand Wall

This album is more aggressive compared to the previous ones, but melancholy still presents and goes hand in hand with aggression. The lyrics move more between philosophical aspects, introspection and how people react to sudden loss in life. There’s a grand wall standing on your way.


MFL 015 / SP.115-16 | QUERCUS | “Heart With Bread” 2016 | CD | Order: [email protected]



01. A Canticle for the Pipe Organ

02. Illegible Tree Name

03. Bread and Locomotive

04. Silvery Morning

05. My heart’s in the Highlands

We are looking up to the nature and life, we are looking up to the pipe organ, to the instrument of thousand voices. Symbols of passing time and eternity.

Touches of aeons…


MFL 014 | PSICORRAGIA | “Madremuerte” 2016 | CD | Order: [email protected]


01. Sadomorfia (In Lasciviae Tempus)

02. En Las Hordas De Tanatos

03. Ocaso De Un Dios

04. Cuando Ellos Vuelven

05. Los Custodios

06. Mons Tenebrarum

07. Salve Mater Mors

08. Penitencia

After 14 years, Psicorragia has released its second full-length album called “Madremuerte” leading to Death and Doom metal extremes. Some BM elements, dark choirs and gloomy sounds complete this homage to death..


MFL 013 / FZL 031 | EPHEMERAL OCEAN | “The Efflorescence” 2015 | CD | Order: [email protected]

Ephemeral Ocean-2015Tracklist:

01. The Semblance of Eternal Mist

02. Inanimate Diary

03. One More Carnation

04. Lullaby to Our Grudges

05. Angel That Conducted

06. Black Cobra

07. No Will

The songs are about man’s feelings after drama that happened with him. Emptiness, weakness, anxiety, despair, diffidence and uncertainty over everything.


MFL 012 | Halter | “For The Abandoned” 2015 | CD | Order: [email protected]

Halter-For The Abandoned- 2015 Tracklist:

01. …Of The Part Of Nature

02. Hunters’ Brotherhood

03. First Snow

04. Pain Which Never Sleeps

05. Keepers Of Persistent War

06. Ode To The Abandoned

This is a slow but unstoppable flow of death doom, obstinately obliterating the facets of consciousness, ruthlessly thrusting the cold steel of a trap into the brain…





MFL 011 | Who Dies In Siberian Slush / My Shameful | “The Symmetry Of Grief” 2014 (Split CD) | Order: [email protected]



01. The Tomb Of Kustodiev (Who Dies In Siberian Slush)

02. And It Will Pass (Who Dies In Siberian Slush)

03. The Land Of The Living (My Shameful)

04. Downwards (My Shameful)

The last funeral death doom split-album in 2014!



MFL 010 / FZL 018 | UNMERCENARIES | “Fallen In Disbelief” |2014 | CD | Order: [email protected]

Unmercenaries- Fallen In Disbelief-2014 cover


01. Among The Stars

02. A Portal

03. Circles Of Disbelief

04. A Beggar’s Lesson

Gorgeous, stunningly atmospheric and incredibly heavy stuff created by international band. Four songs, lasting almost three quarters of an hour, where each minute is soaked in dark hopelessness and inexorability of time; whose millstone shall eventually grind everything away.



MFL-009 | MY SHAMEFUL | “Hollow” |2014 |
CD (jewel box) |Order: [email protected]
Limited edition Digi CD, 8-pages booklet, + patch with band’s logo |NOT AVAILABLE .

My Shameful - Hollow- 2014 cover_


01. Nothing left at all

02. Hollow

03. And I will be worse

04. Hour of atonement

05. The Six

06. Murdered them all

07. No greater purpose

08. Now and forever

A new set of stories about regret, penance, defiance and death… 8 tracks, 61 minutes… The CD released in two versions: standard jewel-box and a digipak – limited deluxe edition.



MFL-008 | DECAY OF REALITY | “Reality Of Decay” |2014 | CD | Order: [email protected]


01. Intro

02. The Vortex

03. Dissection

04. To Overcome Death Phobia

05. A Chronic Sense of Emptiness

06. Seplophobia

07. Urge To Get Away

08. Pyromaniac

The first full-length album of Death Metal band DECAY OF REALITY. The prepared listener undoubtedly will appreciate the sound, drive and aggression of pure-blood death metal, combined with the sullen and depressive atmosphere of the best samples of funeral death doom.



MFL-007 | Quercus | “Sfumato” |2014 | CD | Order: [email protected]


1. Barbarian Nostalgia

2. The Flute In The Sink

3. …Which Is Lacking

4. Night Bathing

5. Mother’s Wordfall

Sfumato is the principle of diffusion and softening of the outline of figures and objects, invented by Leonardo. As if following a treatise on light and shadows, the music in the second album of Czech avant-gardists Quercus has no clear logical boundaries. It is blurred, like the boundary between life and death, one permeates another. This music is now lifeless, now breathing, now suddenly awakening imagination…



MFL-006 | Abstract Spirit/ ENNUI | “Escapism” |2014 | CD | Order: [email protected]

Abstract Spirit-ENNUI split-CD


1. An Ode To The God’s Fool

2. Schizotherica

3. Where The Common Sense Is Ruined

4. The Day Of Abandonment

We have before us a joint conceptual work, which unites these bands in terms of views of life and death. According to musicians of Abstract Spirit and ENNUI, “Escapism” is a hopeless escape; the escape from everything… from yourself, from reality and disillusionment, escape from grim realities. From the view point of music, one should consider this record to be a comprehensive piece of music art. At the same time either of the two bands reflected their own vision of funeral doom from the own view point using individual scale. Connecting traits are the fundamentality and the thoroughness of the tracks themselves. What has this record in store for an experienced listener? A horrible side-show… the opportunity to walk in shoes of a person, who lacks brain parts in charge of happiness and joy.



MFL-005 | Ennui | “The Last Way” |2013 | CD | Order: [email protected]


1. Cold Somnolence.

2. Ennui.

3. A Moment In The Void.

4. Loss.

5. The Descendant Of Lifeless Rebirth.

6. The Last Way.

This album is a farewell to the last way, epitaph on a cold gravestone, carved in a form of music. Heavy aggressive riffs, beautiful guitar solos, new dark and monumental sound with complete absence of keyboards! New LP from ENNUI is better than the predecessor LP in terms of both compositional aspect and tragic atmosphere.



MFL-004 | Halter | “Omnipresence Of Rat Race” |2013 | CDR-pro | NOT AVAILABLE .


1. …Of The Part Of Herd.

2. Graves Are Not Full.

3. Grey-blooded.

4. Autumn Night.

5. Zone Of Alienation.

Debut album “Omnipresence Of Rat Race” of HALTER — Band from Yaroslavl, Russia reviving the spirit of an old school Doom/Death Metal with Sludge and Stoner influences; it is an attempt to embody to music feeling of human revery in modern society, in faceless and ill-disposed.



MFL-003 | De Profvndis Clamati | «In Between Passionate Minnuendos» |2012 | Digi CDR-pro | NOT AVAILABLE .


1. Undying Orchestral Suite

2. Love May Sink by Slow Decay (Requiem & Dirge)

3. Quietive of all Covet

4. To Appease the Whirl of Passions

This CD contains two exclusive never officially released songs as a bonus tracks. Basically the album sounds in vein of slow and mournful funeral/death doom metal with elements of symphonic and neo-classical music. The band shows their best composing sublime low-tempo melodies with support of synthetic voice choirs and a piano interludes, the very sound makes “In Between Passionate Minnuendos” a perfect example of symbiosis between symphonic funeral doom and death doom metal. The album comes as a limited edition digipack with 8-pages booklet.



MFL-002 | Ennui «Mze Ukunisa» | 2012 | CDR-pro | NOT AVAILABLE .


1. Flowers Of Silence

2. Dead Desires

3. Maybe The Time Shall Come

4. The Way Of My Life’s End

5. Frozen Candle

6. Memento Mori

The feeling of utter indifference to life, which spreads your arms wide open towards a long-awaited demise.The black sun, not shining for the living and calling for the souls of the dead…» Such is the key characters of the Georgian funeral-doom band ENNUI’s debut album «MZE UKUNISA». Musically ENNUI is: monumental guitar riffs, epic keyboards and a deep growl. The lyrics are based upon the georgian XX century classical poet and publicist Terenti Graneli’s poems and are sung entirely in Georgian. 6 monolith tracks lasting for 10-15 minutes each; 76 minutes of music soaked with death, woe and solitude…



MFL-001 | Who Dies in Siberian Slush / Ego Depths «Four Fragments of fading Life» | 2011 | split CDR-pro | NOT AVAILABLE .



1. The Spring

2. Refinement Of The Mould

(Recorded and mixed at Primordial Studio)


1. My Hearse Immortal

2. Unmasker of the Absurd

(Recorded and mixed at In the Depths of Altar Studio).

The split album of Russian funeral/death doom collective WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH with Canadian funeral doom project EGO DEPTHS.Both bands are already well known to the lovers of funeral music.On this disc they present to the listeners the results of their experiments within the genre.