Moscow Funeral League proudly presents «Verferum» — a new full-length album by funeral doom Avant-gardists QUERCUS!

Cat. number: MFL 020
Release date: 01.01.2019.
Format: CD (jewel box), 16-pages booklet.
Total time: 62 min.

QUERCUS Verferum-1

The Band says:
‘Verferum’ is an ode to what seems to be never-ending and reveals itself to be short and finite. Memento mori.

We take funeral doom as a rite. It is a magnificent shrine in a beautiful wild nature which we enter with sacred fear. The church organ is an instrument of celebration of the moments like this. Organ as a brutal mass bearing the guitar and vocal compositions, organ as an ethereal sigh, distant chants. Sharpened senses. Hope. Atonement. Waiting.

We pay homage to J. S. Bach. His immortal work was our great inspiration, especially Prelude & Fugue C minor BWV546 and Passacaglia C minor BWV582.”