Halter ‎ «The Principles Of Human Being» — the taste of old death-doom days …

Cat. number: MFL 022 / FZL 077
Release date: 17.10.2020.
Format: CD (jewel box), 12-pages booklet.
Total time: 40:00.
Limited edition of 500 stamp-numbered copies.


The third full-length album of the death doom band Halter from Yaroslavl city was published jointly by two Russian labels — Moscow Funeral League and Frozen Light.
On this album the collective demonstrates a new level of their composing and performing qualities.
At the same time, connoisseurs of death-doom of the mid-nineties will find in this album a weighty share of clichés, familiar to this style, expressed in the spirit of our time and awakening a good nostalgia for the old death-doom days …